Laser hair removal laser types


Laser hair removal is common among Western women, but for now is far more rare in men, although lately those considered metrosexuals are likely to be undertake it. Laser hair removal at home is a good idea for everyone actually.


It is very common for hair to appear in various parts of the body, but in some it is not desired. areas with body hair that often create complex are:

In women :

Hair on head

eyebrows and eyelashes

The pubis there is increasing tendency to eliminate or trim, but it is often an aesthetic choice, rather than removing anything unsanitary.

The man is not generally frowned upon the hair on the belly and chest, but sometimes she shaves for aesthetics as well. Same with the hair on legs, arms, upper and toes, fingers and arms.

Areas where it is common to have hair, but not required: 

In women:

Armpits (comes out to men and women from puberty).

Related to male body distribution:

The mustache and sideburns may appear to a greater or lesser extent women,  In some cases, very rare, wom3n can have real beards. 

The chest and belly are is the same. May be some hairs in the navel or somewhere in the chest and nipples.

Unwanted in both sexes:

Buttocks in men is much more accepted than in women. Normally, a little less common to have hair on your chest and belly, but it is still very common in men. 
In women the same happens with the rest of the hair in man, or they do not have a much lesser extent.

The back hair on men usually starts at the end of or past the teens. Normally continues to appear more amount to 40 or 50 years.

When you start out in puberty sometimes hair also goes around the anus.

Both genders tend to have hair in their noses, and ear holes.


There are 3 types of lasers for hair removal: diode , ruby and alexandrite.


The diode laser is the most effective and is supported by the universities of Harvard and Massachusetts . With this type of laser, the destruction of the hair bulb is performed by heat transfer to the pigment (melanin) containing the follicle without damage to skin. No gel or anesthesia is often needed because a part of this laser is applied to the skin, producing a cooling which prevents pain and possible burns. In case you need anesthesia are creams that act as local analgesics and bought in pharmacies.

The diode is a 40% more effective than that obtained by other hair removal systems and ruby and alexandrite lasers, but also more expensive than other treatments.

Each laser shot (one per second) is capable of destroying the hair follicles that exist in a square of 9 millimeters thick, making it very fast. For example, an underarm hair removal session lasts 20 minutes.The price is per session and depends on the area being treated.

Alexandrite Laser

The Alexandrite laser has proven to be optimal for leg waxing, English and women’s armpits and the versatility of long pulse can be treated with safer dark skin and achieve better penetration of the skin (Alexandrite Apogee 9300 - Cyanosure).

The Alexandrite laser has proven especially effective in treating male behind.


The ruby laser is effective only in the black hair, skin type I, II and face. fotermólisis also uses selective hair follicle melanin content. Emits at 694 nm wavelength selectively absorbed by melanin in pulses near a millisecond (ms). If you want to see how much laser hair removal costs that look at the link.

Today it is an intensive research to further refine this method of hair removal.It has been shown that 90% of the applications is permanent and effective hair removal. In use, each laser pulse originating covers a substantial area of hair, of one centimeter, which is removed between ten and fifteen hairs growing.